My Experience at The Jilly Academy Retreat

In Mid-September, I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to @JillianHarris Academy at the Farm Retreat! Those tickets sold out in seconds! If you know, you know! 
It was a day and a half event, with the first night being at Hotel Eldorado with a Yoga session to kick off with followed by some training from Jamie Wood, followed by a mix and mingle event with wine from Sandhill Winery. Day 2 was at Jillian's Farm in West Kelowna with a full day of learning, laughing, shopping small local shops, sipping on Sandhill wine, walking through her beautiful flower garden and photos with Jillian under the willow tree! 
Below is my experience.
The @thejillyacademy was all the things I didn’t know I needed after over 2 years without being able to attend in person events. 
It was connections! Meeting internet friends in person and strengthening those friendships. 
It was community! Being around like minded, positive women who lift each other up and who genuinely care about one another. 
It was inspiring and uplifting. Things we all needed after 2 years of the panarama-ding dong, as @iamjamgamble calls it! 😂
It was seeing how I myself, have made an impact on others! 
It was learning from @jillian.harris @iamjamgamble, @afreeborn, of @smashtess, @the_atelier_collective, and @natdusome from @poppy_peonies !!! It was seeing all these women in person and knowing that they are who they say they are which is one of my core values. AKA - Integrity and Kindness. The light that they bring to this world and the businesses they created are inspiring and empowering. Because of them, I can see what is possible for me too. 
It was everything I had hoped for and more! It lit the spark in me that has been dimmed for quite some time. It reminded me of my why. It helped me to grow my vision and to see that I was playing too small. It reminded me that I am relevant and that I matter! It made me see that incredible things happen if you believe!! 
Meeting Jillian was obviously a highlight in itself but to top it off, I was shocked when she hugged me and said my name! She knew who I was! And she told me she loved my positive presence online and to keep doing what I was doing and that she loved me! Anything she may have said after that was a blur (haha) because I was just so incredibly grateful for her words and it validated to me that I was on the right track in what I was doing online. 
The appearance of Justin, Annie, Leo, Nacho and Peaches was the icing on the cake! 
The only thing I would change is I would have loved it to be longer. 1.5 days just wasn't enough to squeeze in all the goodness that all the speakers, including Jillian had to offer. 2.5 days would have been incredible. I just wasn't ready to leave at the end of it. 
I am so grateful that Jillian had this incredible vision of a retreat on her family farm, and that she brought it to life. I am grateful to have been part of this incredible event! Sign me up for next year! ❤️
If you have any questions about the Jilly Academy or the Retreat at the Farm, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! 

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