Turning a One Day Goal Into a Today Goal

I did this. I took a one day goal and made it into a today goal. 🌟

Host a Build Your Brave Women's Retreat was something I had written down every year for 5 years as a goal I wanted to create one day and every year, I took no action to make it happen. I listened to the self doubt and the voice inside my head that told me no one would come, that I wasn’t special and I had nothing of value to offer anyone. 

In May, I said out loud that I wanted to create this Retreat. I said that I wanted it by the lake and that it had to be in Osoyoos. I told my business coach, who asked me if this was a one day goal and I said yes. One day I want to do this. One day I will make it happen. One day......

Susie Helland - Build Your Brave Retreat 2023 - Susie Speaking - 001

4 months later, it came true! It wasn’t easy. Things kept being thrown in my path that made me question whether I should postpone it. Things like fires, evacuations, rockslides and highway closures. Imposter syndrome and self doubt kept trying to creep in. I almost cancelled several times, because that would have been the easy choice. But I knew if I did that, I would regret it and regrets suck!

Instead I chose to be brave! And this was the result! The very first Build Your Brave Retreat by the lake in Osoyoos! It was exactly what I had envisioned and more! Was it easy? No! Was it worth it? 1000%!! It definitely felt like once I made the decision, the universe started putting things and people in my path that I didn't even know I needed! From the local businesses who wanted to be Sponsors, and/or include their products in the Swag Bags, the support and referrals that started coming in, and the incredible women who offered to speak at the Retreat. It was simply incredible. Had I ever hosted an event before? No. I just knew that it was something that I wanted to do and I had a business coach and a husband who believed in me, knew it was possible and supported me every step of the way!

Susie Helland - Build Your Brave Retreat 2023 - Attendees

So I encourage you, If there is something you’ve been wanting to do but you keep telling yourself it’s impossible, or you’re scared, you don’t know how to do it or people in your circle tell you it’s silly… tell one person you trust and then take the steps to make it happen! Because if it’s in your mind and your heart, you CAN do it! 

If you are wondering if there will be another Build Your Brave Retreat, the answer is YES! April 19-20 in Osoyoos by the lake, once again! If you are needing positivity, encouragement, community and connection, then this is what you need! Tickets are available now and you can find them here!!

Build Your Brave Retreat

Watermark Beach Resort | Osoyoos, B.C. | April 19 & 20, 2024

Hosted By Susie Helland

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Build Your Brave is my brand. It’s what my mission and vision is. To help women just like YOU to build your brave. To help you see your worth. To love and believe in yourself. To show you that those things you think about yourself or the words someone said to you simply aren’t true. To inspire and impact you to go after what brings you joy! To show you that life can be fun no matter what!

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