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Jenna Swetlikoff - Susie Helland

"I have invited Susie to multiple influencer events I have hosted over the past year. I know I can always count on her as she is reliable and goes above and beyond with the deliverables every time. I highly recommend hiring Susie for influencer marketing services as she has the ability to promote service providers and/or product-based businesses in an effective but also genuine way."

Jenna Swetlikoff

Digital Marketing

"We hosted Susie and her family at our new vacation rental to try and promote it to a wider audience than what we could reach on our own. From the moment I first reached out to her on Instagram to the time after they checked out, she was just a pleasure to work with. After a few messages back and forth she made me feel like I had known her for years!  Every question I asked she replied quickly and with patience, and kindness. She provided great feedback after their stay and shared some of her highlights during their stay as well so people could follow along all weekend to see what it is truly like to stay with us. Susie is just an all-around amazing person and I would highly recommend working with her!"


Twisted Vines Lakehouse

"We invited Susie and her family to stay at our property as this season has been quite slow. During her stay, Susie created amazing content showcasing our property and its amenities. She was professional, communicative and very nice. Susie’s social media posts and videos helped to increase our property’s exposure. We would highly recommend Susie to any property owner looking to boost their online presence and attract more guests. Thank you, Susie!"


Osoyoos Vacation Rental
Theresa Easter - Kelowna Photographer - Susie Helland

"Susie is such a breath of fresh air to work with! She is easy going and always willing to help out with fresh ideas. She’s a strong part of the community and is always supporting other women in business. Susie has been a brand ambassador for my photography business and I can’t say enough amazing things about her! I absolutely love working with Susie and will continue to collaborate & work together in the future."

Theresa Easter

Kelowna Photographer

"Working with Susie Helland has been an absolute pleasure. I mean, she's like the sunshine in the Okanagan - always positive and full of good vibes.

We've had the joy of hosting Susie and her family at our resort a few times now, and every time, she knocks it out of the park. Her social media game is on point, and her content about her stay here? Well, it's simply inspiring. She's got this unique blend of being relatable, encouraging, and super fun. That's the kind of vibe we love at our resort.

What's amazing about Susie is that she's not just about herself. She genuinely cares about how our partnership benefits us. She's a real team player. Through our email conversations, it's like she'll sit down with us and ask, "What do you need, and how can I help?" It's not just about her needs; it's about making sure it's a win-win.

Communication? Spot on. She gets what we're looking for, and she provides us with some extra goodies that we didn't even know we needed. And the best part is we rarely have to tweak the plan. It's like she reads our minds!

When Susie's at the resort, it's like having an old friend over. She's friendly, kind, and incredibly respectful. She's a pro at making sure everyone has a good experience - from our staff to our guests. We never have to worry about noise or ridiculous requests coming from her party, as this can often be a problem with influencers. Susie's professionalism is perfectly on point.

Her social media skills are top-notch, and her authenticity shines through. It's no wonder her audience trusts her recommendations. She's not just an influencer; she's a trusted friend to her followers.

So if you're considering working with Susie, let me tell you, you're in for a treat. She's a gem in the world of social media influencers, and we're proud to have her as part of our resort family. Working with Susie is a breeze, and her positive energy is infectious!"

Keara Moore, Malfair Marketing

Hosted at Summerland Waterfront Resort

"I honestly can't say thank you enough for how amazing you are to work with.

I was feeling the "overwhelm" of not having the proper social media presence and you helped me figure out what was best for me, my business and my non-profit society.

You manage my Instagram and Facebook world and I can't thank you enough, for the fantastic job you do!

Thank you beautiful lady.
You are amazing at what you do!!"

Barrita Durward

Cottons Chocolates

"The Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa has had a multi-year relationship with Susie. Beyond the fabulous job she does representing our resort to guests, she is a pleasure to work with. Our marketing team appreciates her professionalism and our front-line team appreciates her warmth. A successful collaboration."

Lisa Jaager

General Manager,
Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa
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