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Born in Vernon, BC, I was raised in Airdrie, Alberta and moved back to Vernon when I was 23 because I just couldn’t be away from the sunshine and lakes any longer. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I am a summer girl through and through. Being by the water is a need for me. Its where I feel at peace. Its where I go to get recharged and refreshed and its where I do my best thinking.

I am a Mom of 2, and a wife to Brent who is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. My first husband passed away in 2002, making me suddenly a widow and single Mom at 31 years old. 

As a lover of Summer, living in the Okanagan is basically my happy place and so I love to share all the things that I get up to here including local travel, all the beautiful wineries and the experiences that I have there and the small local businesses who sometimes can be hidden gems that you may be missing out on. So get ready to see all my favourite places and things to do here in the Okanagan Valley. If you are a brand looking to showcase your business, hotel, Air BNB, winery etc, we should chat because I would love to help share you out to my friends and followers so you can get more exposure. 

I am also extremely passionate about helping women Build Their Brave as I know what it feels like to be afraid, to feel insecure and to believe that I am not worthy and deserving of my dreams. What I have found to be true is that someone close to us told us these things and so we held on to them and moved through life believing these lies. That is where my Build Your Brave Coaching was born. Because I lived through this and made it out on the other side, I want to help YOU move through that too because you are a gift to this world, you just need to find that belief again. 

In January of 2021,in the middle of a pandemic, I launched my online clothing store, Build Your Brave Boutique, because, well lets be honest here, I LOVE to shop! So why not have my own store! But the bigger reason is because I was talking to women of all different body types, who just didn’t love themselves, who didn’t feel confident in their clothes and who used their clothes to hide what they believed to be there flaws instead of showing off their beauty and not giving a flying F! We spend so much time worrying about what other people think of us and I just truly wanted to help women to see their gifts, their beauty and their light that they had been dimming for too long. 

So in short, thank you for being here! I appreciate you! And I am grateful that you are here to follow along. 

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I did this. I took a one day goal and made it into a today goal. Host a Build Your Brave Women's Retreat was something I had written down every year for 5 years as a goal I wanted to create one day and every year, I took no action to make it happen. I listened to the self doubt and the voice inside my head that told me no one would come, that I wasn’t special and I had nothing of value to offer anyone. In May, I said out loud that I wanted to create this Retreat.

How I Learned To Love Myself

As I look back at my life, I realize how strong this body is. It went through physical and emotional abuse for many years. It was called fat, disgusting, embarrassing, stupid, unworthy and more. It was made to feel weak, unloved, unwanted. It held many bruises and pain, both physically and mentally.

5 Reasons Why We Love Wine Touring With @vividtourskelowna ! 🍷

1 - Door to door service! From pick up to drop off, you don’t have to worry about a thing. No one has to be a DD and everyone can just relax and enjoy themselves. 2 - No need to worry about making reservations at all the wineries and trying to figure out how much time you need between each one. Vivid takes care of all the guess work!

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